We have decided to place one of our beautiful young boys. There is nothing wrong with this dog, he is practically perfect in every way:  He is beautiful, sweet, has all his health clearances, has been xrayed and DNA tested and heart and eyes cleared by specialists.  He is mellow, gets along with everyone and is the easiest-going dog we have.  We have shown this dog successfully, he travels great and he has sired beautiful puppies.  With all that said, we would love to see him go to a forever pet home, although an approved show home also considered.  He is one of our favorites and deserves the best for the rest of his life, but is also priced like a top notch show dog, so if you are looking for a bargain, this is not your dog.  This is your dog if you are a connoisseur of everything that is beautiful and marvelous about the wonderful, well-bred Labrador retriever.  I am in no hurry to sell this boy so will have little tolerance for "tire kickers."  Please do not contact me if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a dog. Please do not contact me if you are a fellow breeder and are just curious who I am selling.  I work very hard to keep our numbers low so sometimes even the really good ones need to go live somewhere else.  This dog is one of the best of the bests, whoever gets him will be lucky.  Contact me directly at nipntucklr@gmail.com