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2023 was the year of puppies!  We had our first ever litter of Russell terriers, and it was possibly our favorite, most loved litter ever.  They were just so darn cute.  Then right before Thanksgiving Gigi gave us 12 healthy Labrador puppies, we are busy but they sure are photogenic.  In May we had our second foal and he was born a loud and unusual color, earning the name Heavenly Roarrr.  We call him Boom.


The rest of the year was spent with our usual travel to both horse and dog shows, and of course fishing on the beautiful Puget Sound for Scott.  Becky was thrilled with how her horses did in competition, Maria ended the year running the tenth fastest time out of 600 runs in October.  Scott is still working hard and enjoying his beautiful reef tank.  Merry Christmas and best wishes to all of you for a wonderful 2024.  

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