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Because I am at home at the farm and have three kids, we are able to spend a great deal of time socializing puppies and talking with puppy buyers. Plan on coming out and meeting the dogs while we talk.  It's what I do, and you can visit anytime for the rest of your dog's life--you know where to find me.  :)  My kids also take their socialization responsibilities quite seriously, and virtually glue themselves to the whelping box while puppies are here. I used to find them sound asleep, surrounded by snuggling puppies. Thank goodness for sweet mama dogs! 


You need to meet different dogs and breeders and decide what temperament type most suits your lifestyle. When you find a kennel that consistently produces the type of Labrador you prefer, and a breeder you are comfortable having a long-term relationship with, get on their list and wait. You will have this companion for probably the next 15 years of your life. Waiting for just the kind of dog you want is plain old common sense.  Personally liking its breeder is icing on the cake.


We sell all of our puppies on Limited Registration, meaning they cannot be used for breeding or showing.  If a buyer purchased a dog and later decides they would, indeed, like to show or breed, Limited Registration can be reversed.  I am willing to do that for people who have shown me they are interesting in learning about, and basically dedicating themselves to the breed.  It is a wonderful hobby, but can include heartache as well as joy, and is certainly not to be undertaken willy nilly without guidance.  Because I have such a deep pool of marvelous local puppy buyers, I am hesitant ship puppies out of state, or to any breeder I do not know personally.  I have done it, but I require good references from other breeders and/or active club membership.  To see what I have available right now, please visit my page.  If you are interested in a Nipntuck puppy, please fill out our puppy questionnaire.

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