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     2021 was a year of changes and new roads.  We began with buying a Living Quarters horse trailer and traveling all over Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and California, spending 40 nights on the road.  Both dog shows and barrel races were more fun camping with our friends and having the animals with us at all times, we love it.  We also flew to a dog show in Texas where we were invited on a private tour of High Point Performance Horses and met their giraffe, Gerald.

     On a whim we bought a new horse, and she has become a wonderful addition.  The day after she arrived we ran in a big race where she won a nice check, and has continued to do so all summer, exceeding our wildest expectations.  We also bred a mare this year and are expecting our first foal ever in May by the beautiful stallion, The Goodbye Lane. 

     Scott decided to give fishing on the Puget Sound his emphasis, and has found it more productive than the local rivers. His Boston Whaler has been well used, its a great boat.  We are pleased he continues to be able to work from home, but is still incredibly busy, with meetings starting at 6 AM and often ending at 9:30 PM.  He is a hard worker, and with his time off he works outside.  We have continued to work hard on the farm, clearing a big section of land, building new fences and making many improvements.  In November we even began a remodel on the house, and are very excited for its completion.

     But the biggest news was Kate's wedding to Ryder Halstrom.  We love Ryder and are thrilled to have him as a member of the family, as well as his big wonderful family, as he is one of eight children.  Most of the east coast Gortons were able to attend, and the bonus was the Mariners honoring dad at a game, dedicating a lobby display box to his memory and asking Will to throw out the first pitch. It was a wonderful week in a wonderful year.

     Here is wishing all of you the merriest of holidays, and best wishes for the new year.

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