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Nipntuck Girls

The girls in our breeding program are special to us, and must be what we want most in our Labradors, as we keep a puppy from each litter.  Each litter we breed is researched with care, as the hopes and dreams of our breeding program rides with the puppies we produce.  Our girls must be healthy, beautiful, and have the best of temperaments.  The backbone of our breeding program is our wonderful pet buyers.  We are fortunate to have been doing this a very long time, and have a wealth of responsible, dedicated puppy people who wait anxiously for each litter.  That combined with our hope to produce the next great stud dog means we will never compromise on health or temperament in our girls, all of them with hip and elbow OFAs, heart and eye clearances and DNA tested for important genetic diseases.  That said our girls are not always finished Champions, as we simply don't go to that many shows and tend to focus on the boys.  After a few litters our girls are retired into pet homes, so their time in the show ring is limited.  

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